We have made some huge advances on the project. I'm not allowed to tell you much, but basically we completed the foundation of the Project B.U.I.L.D. game! Hurrah! Here's what it is: BrickBUILD! BrickBUILD is a system that allows you to build your own with LEGO bricks! We started from scratch, so thank you to the 3 programmers that helped. :D Here's a screenshot of Hollis' creation made in BrickBUILD. :D 



07/23/2012 1:47pm

wow! A building system...and love that picture for the header! You guys are really coming along!

07/23/2012 2:37pm

Thanks! Just wanted to let you know that the head pic is just something I made before I joined PB, it's not a world...although it is inspiring. :)


07/28/2012 3:13pm

Well Done Guys

07/30/2012 10:29am

Nice Job Guys. Will this be avalible apart from your game? Like LeoCad or MLcad.

08/11/2012 11:37am

Well, we haven't discussed it, but I would guess not. I'll have to ask about that though. :)


08/18/2012 10:01am

Guys you are really working hard and it looks amazing. I cannot wait to look at what else is new :D If u were ever to need help advertising I will help. I would sign up but I don't have a good education when it comes to computers :( I will help in any other way


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    TheMachine is the Co Director of Project B.U.I.L.D. He is also a programmer and community correspondent (he answers questions people have).

    BusyCityGuy is the senior animator and modeler for Project B.U.I.L.D., and manages this website. He's also a web developer for the new upcoming website.


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